Evaporative cooling installation and repair Perth


Cool Your Home in Perth This Summer With Ducted Air Conditioning and evaporative cooling


Is the summer heat starting to make each room of your home feel like an individual sauna? Are the fiery pits of Mordor starting to look more inviting than your sweatbox of a house? Well instead of continually updating your Facebook status to inform everybody else of how sweaty you currently are, do something about it and invest in a quality evaporative air conditioning unit for your Perth property.


Why Evaporative Cooling?


Evaporative cooling offers many advantages to the average homeowner and can help you cut down on your electricity prices due to its efficient and innovative functionality. It operates by drawing warm air in from the outside and then cooling this air as it passes through a series of water-cooled pads. This cool air is then dispersed throughout the house using ducts, effectively lowering the temperature through the cooling properties of water. There are numerous health and financial benefits to utilising such a system, not to mention the reduced impact on the environment.


Why You Should Invest In Evaporative Cooling


As this cooling solution is continually recycling the air in your home with fresh air from outside, it offers one of the healthiest means to cool your house. Suffers of asthma, hay fever or other allergies will especially benefit from this system as the stale, old air is circulated so frequently with fresh, clean replacement air. Whereas other cooling systems can gather dust, contaminants and fumes and circulate these harmful toxins throughout your home the next time you turn it on, an evaporative system keeps your home fresh and healthy.


All Trades West Perth are your evap cooling installation experts


Rely upon our expert team for all of your evaporative cooling installation and repairs and reasonable prices throughout the Perth area. We are certified Climate Masters, which means we have undergone the strictest quality control measures and met all of the necessary requirements to offer you the best possible service.


Our friendly customer service representatives are committed to answering all your plumbing questions and meeting any need you may have. We would love to hear from you! 

For more information on any of the services offered by All Trades West Plumbing in Perth, Mount Nasura, Kenwick or Martin, or a free no-obligation quotation, please complete the following form or call us on 0475 719 295.

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